Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leah with 'Tude'

Leah is here with me. I picked her up today. I wanted to send a video love letter to Stephanie cuz I know how much she's missing her family. She has been up North helping out the fire camp for the wildfires here in Cali. She's dispatching 12+ hours a day and has been there since July 27 and will be home on August 11. The same day that Jared goes back to school. She's several hundred miles away so no visits. Anyway I thought she'd enjoy a vid of Leah. Earlier I imitated Tinkerbell and she picked it right up. I love this vid and I'm pretty sure Steph will too!


Lisa said...

OMG, she is SO cute! The Tink impersonation is perfect. I'm sure mommy will love her video.

Dawn said...

She is darling! Her momma is gonna LOVE that!!

Christina said...

oh my gosh Linda, she is SO cute! Could her beautiful brown eyes be any bigger? What a gorgeous and sweet little girl!