Friday, June 26, 2009

My Hero

Follow up to my previous blog about life insurance. Hubby and I had a little chat tonight over a wonderful dinner out. Turns out he has 3 policies that will be enough for what I wanted. Ooops, sorry for doubting you honey. I am ditzy sometimes I know.
I love my husband. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In The Event of Death

Sounds like a depressing subject, right? Yeah, I guess it could be, but the fact is everyone does die. I have been really thinking about the fact that I am not protected adequately if something happens to Dave. He is the breadwinner and makes a great living for us but with his income suddenly gone I'd be left with some SSI and a few other investments it would not come anywhere close to what we have now. I would be able to live independently but not in our home. More like a small apartment somewhere less expensive. I've been thinking that if I had the tragedy of losing my soulmate how could I cope with having to sell and leave my home right away too? It's just too much for me to think about. If I had the ability to wait one year before making major decisions I should be OK. So I contacted our Insurance Agent (we have every insurance except life) to find me a policy that will work to pay the house payment for one year. It's going to be expensive I'm sure because my hubby has this awful smoking habit *steaming*. But darn it - if he can spend all that money on cigarettes he should be able to make sure I'm not forced out of my home.

I was wondering if anyone has known anyone with this experience - where one spouse is completely dependent on the other spouse financially and there was a death. How do you deal with your future possibilities? Does this seem greedy to you? I don't know but I feel it is a way of taking care of myself so that my family won't be burdened. See, if I die first it won't impact Dave financially one bit. In fact I'm sure he'll come out ahead - LOL.

He has just been working like a dog this past year and I worry about his health but there isn't anything I can do to get him to change. But I can be prepared.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello, it's me...

You know that song? Well, I thought it was a good lead in for someone that hasn't blogged in months. My daughter, Stephanie, has a kickass blog now and she has inspired me to start blogging again.

This is a feeble beginning to be sure but I am hoping it will get better. Today, Stephanie had a post titled 'A Letter To My Dad..' to her Dad that passed away 2 years and 6 months ago (gosh, has it really been that long)? Anyway it was coincidental that today I finally applied with the American Cancer Society as a volunteer - this was before I read her post. You see I have a Mother who suffers from the 'Me,Me,Me' syndrome and I am realizing that I can be like that too. I don't want to be like that. I long for connections and relationships with others. When Skip, Steph's Dad, was sick and the times that Stephanie really had to be at work I would step in and take him to radiation, Dr appts, errands, etc. The one thing that struck me so clearly was that this man was suffering and in the worst place in his life but still did not complain! He was so gracious and it was great for me to spend those last months around him. We talked and laughed a lot. I am so very happy that I was able to help him even in the little things. I couldn't be anything but grateful for my own life. Problems? What problems? Couldn't compare.

At the time I remember thinking that when Skip got better I wanted to volunteer to drive cancer patients to their appointments. Skip didn't get better and I was too raw from that to volunteer. Now is the time. I am ready. I will continue on with what we started. It's the least I can do. I have some strong opinions about cancer and doctors and how it's treated but I have a heart full of sympathy for people suffering from cancer and I hope to learn from and connect with some people that need a little helping hand and a little company. It really is the best way to get out of your own crap. When you think your life is shit there is always someone who has things worse than you. I encourage anyone with an extra hour or two per month to get out of yourself and find a volunteer position with something you are passionate about. We CAN make a difference. I love you Skip and I miss you.