Monday, August 11, 2008

I just LOVE the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment!

Yesterday's service was exactly what I needed. I have had a particularly rough few days and just getting there and hearing the music and being able to just 'be'. The spiritual leader talked about grace and how we all have exactly what we want and need within us - we just have to step out of the delusion that we have to 'find' it 'out there.' The Divine is with us, through us and all around us. We need only receive it. No need to live in the past hurts - no need for resentment or un-forgiveness.
Can you tell I am filled with the spirit? Well, I am full of hope and happiness that is for sure. Next month the center is starting this class and I can hardly wait - Live the Eternal Way: A Guide to Spiritually Conscious Living

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