Saturday, August 16, 2008

Carried over from MM

So one of things I have realized lately in my quest to recover from depression/anxiety was that the list that I had made after my divorce had been pretty much fulfilled and I hadn't bothered with another. It is good to have things to look forward to and goals to attain. I know it will give me a little extra something to work toward. The last list had things on it like - Riding on a Harley, Skydiving, Parasailing, Kayaking, Finding a lifelong partner, Getting a certain job, etc. I did all those things within a year. I haven't had anything dreams and goals specific to me in a long while and I found myself missing 'me'. The adventurous, tenacious, life loving woman was becoming a mere shadow of her husband (again). Not good, not good at all. No wonder I got depressed! So, here and now, I am going to start a new list. My good friends here will help encourage me - I know they will as well as friends around me and my fabulous daughter, Stephanie. So here goes.

1. A trip to Mazatlan

2. Learn a foreign language

3. Learn Tai Chi

4. Take a dance class

5. Get some vocational counseling and then work toward a job.

6. Trip to Canada

7. Study Eastern Religions

8. Take a cooking class

9. Join a community theater

This list could and probably will take up to 10 years to finish but at least now I have something to plan and think about. I'm taking a Tai Chi class this summer and probably the cooking class too. I like the number 9 because it's said to be spiritual.

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