Friday, August 1, 2008

Buying and Selling

At this stage of my life I really didn't think that Dave and I would be purchasing a home. After all we both have been there, done that in our pasts, we don't have kids at home and we're really rather a couple of free spirits aka vagabonds. But, with the economy, Dave's position (it seems he is set on staying here) and his back problems we've really been exploring the option of buying a home. Well, if you know anything about the Bay Area you know it's crazy real estate prices. We have just been looking at older, small condo's and they run from 300k-500k in a decent area plus add another 300-600 a month for HOA dues. Holy cow! But we decided to take the plunge and are getting ourselves into the position to buy next Spring. It's not the payments that are so high (although they are) it's the down payment! Really how many people keep 75k-100k laying around to put down on a house???? So, we decided to bite the bullet and sell my (not his) new Acura. The one we bought back in November - the one I love to drive - the one that with ins/car payment is costing us close to $1,000 a month! Yeah, that one. I'm the one who suggested it - I don't think Dave would have dared and I really don't mind since we're getting a home and I already have another car (2003 Toyota with great gas mileage).

I had told Dave when we first got married to please never have me live in a 'mobile home' - well, I've changed my tune. The manufactured homes now days are fabulous and there are some really nice parks here. And the big plus is that it will be much easier to get into one and I won't have to deal with having someone living on top or below me in a condo. This is the car we're saying bye-bye to and this link to a home of the several we're looking at. We're getting kind of excited about it. We will have it paid off by the time Dave retires and then just have the park rent. That'll be nice cuz then we'll be able to travel.

We'll be taking a pretty big hit on the car but we'll recoup it in about 4 mos - that is if it sells. I'll keep you posted.


Alicia said...

Those houses are really nice! I'd totally go for one of those. My mom owns a mobile home in Florida, and honestly, you wouldn't know it from the inside. It's like a regular ranch house; hell, it's bigger than mine! I used to turn my nose at them, too, until my mom had me down for a visit. I haven't dissed them since.

Good luck! Oh, and at least you have another car to drive. I know it's paining you to get rid of the other one, though:(

Lisa said...

Nothing wrong with a mobile home, as long as you take care of it. Nick's aunt and uncle live in a really nice looking one that is 3 or more years old and you'd never know. It's nice because it's so much cheaper than a standard house and if you're done with raising kids (kids destroy everything) they'll last a really long time.
I'm sorry you have to sell your car. At least you're getting something nice out of it.

HomeSlice said...

my parents almost bought a manufactured home after a ton of research, and they were very nice. I'm sad for you and your Acura (RIP Linda's Acura) but like Lisa said, you'll be getting something else out of it :-)

Christina said...

That house is beautiful and seems like a really good choice. I'm sorry you have to give up your pretty new car, but the trade-off seems well worth it. Owning a home is a glorious feeling!