Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bye, bye Acura - Hellllloooo Camry!

So, Dave and I did our research on selling the Acura and what we would have to come up with in cash. I still have a payment on the Corolla that I would be driving and it is 5 yrs old. We realized after looking into it that we probably had a snowballs chance in hell of selling the Acura so we figured we might as well trade it in and sell the Corolla. So, now I have a 2009 Toyota Camry. It's a pretty silver color. Our payments are more than half what they were on the Acura and we know Corolla's are selling quickly so we are selling it ourselves. It actually worked out better for us this way. Yes, we had to come up with $ down but we would have anyway. The new Camry makes getting rid of the Acura a little easier. Now we'll be all set to buy a home next Spring which is what we had hoped. Dave gets a bonus at the end of the year so we're keeping our fingers crossed for that. Jeeze, a lot changes in 24 hours!


Lisa said...

Wow, yep, that's some change in plans! But hey, you got a shiny new car out of the deal, can't beat that!

Sara said...

Nothing like that new car smell!

HomeSlice said...

you guys are uber-fast!!! wow! congrats on your more gas efficient car:-)