Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family Vacations

It was a wonderful week and I did not want to come home! Dave and I left a day early (last Sat) and went to Reno for a few days before meeting up with the kids on Monday in Lake Tahoe. It was really HOT last weekend and there was a lot of smoke from all the fires here in Cali. We basically just gambled while we were in Reno with the exception of a little trip to Virginia City to check out the old cemetery there. That was interesting. The first day in Reno I sat down at the Wheel of Fortune and played for just a minute before hitting $400 - that was cool! I was really pretty darn lucky but unfortunately Dave was not lucky in Reno. We were glad to leave Reno and head off to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe is one of my favorite places on Earth. We had lots of fun gambling and then meeting up with Stephanie, Jimmy & their kids and my youngest daughter, Christina.

Tuesday we met up and took their boat out on the lake and went to my favorite place there - Emerald Bay. I snapped some pics there and took a video (Dave is the guy at the end of the vid). Pictures just don't do the place justice though. It is gorgeous there. The water is so clear you can see several feet down to the bottom and it reflects the beautiful blue sky and green trees that surround the bay. Right in the middle of it is a little island called the Teahouse. One of the pictures is of the tea house. That was the only day we went out on the boat and it was also the only day that we had a fairly clear (of the smoke) day so it was the best day to go. I had a blast. That night we took Steph and Jimmy to a comedy show at the Improv and laughed and laughed. Afterwards we hung out and gambled. The picture of Steph and Jimmy is of that night.

Dave went home early Weds and I moved over to the house with Steph, Christina, Jared and Leah. Jimmy went home that afternoon. We stayed up way late playing a game and laughing our asses off. It really was the best time. I got to do exactly what I love to do and I laughed all week long. I want to go back....I miss the kids....I can't wait for the next vacation.


Destiny said...

Beautiful pics. Ut sounds like you had a lot of fun and well deserved relaxation. Congrats on the $400.

It is always nice to have "favorite place" like that. It does the soul good.

Welcome back. You were missed.

Alicia said...

Sounds wonderful. The pics are all gorgeous, too.

Anonymous said...

How fun!! What a beautiful place, and what a great time! I love sharing your vacation with you by checking out the pics, but I'm a little jealous! :)