Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enough already - updates

My beautiful friend, Chrissi, gave me the great idea to do an update ala bullet style. Thanks Chrissi!

*Tonight I am winding down from an intense week of 'self examination'. First by my 5 defining moments blog and then I completed a 4th step inventory & 5th step. For those that do not know what a 4th step inventory is - it's a 'fearless and moral inventory of ourselves' IE; exposing your every last character defect, flaw, mistakes and then dissecting them to see where you can improve and grow. You make a list of your defects. So for every person that I had any anger towards or resentments I had the happy task of putting down on paper what my part in it was. Fun. Oh, and then the 5th step is where I get to tell someone all my defects and faults that I have tried to hide from the world - more fun. But it is worth it. Above all I want to be sober, happy and content so if I have to be uncomfortable and humble myself or even dig latrines hey, I'll do it.

*Dave and I have been having some really good conversations these days. I've noticed that since I've been working on my stuff my self esteem has risen and I'm not near as afraid to speak my truth which in reality is a very respectful and loving thing to do for myself and my partner. In turn he has spoken a few of his truths too. This makes me happy. This makes us happy.

*Sunday we are leaving for Lake Tahoe (one of my favorite places on Earth) for a week with my 3 kids, son in law and my two grand kids. I am so looking forward to it. Dave and I are going up one day early so we'll have some good alone time in which to reconnect after his crazy work schedule. I am really looking forward to just the kicking back and laughter that always goes on when I'm with my kids. They are a funny group! We've been doing this Lake Tahoe gig since 1989 missing only a few years and we have always had fun.

*So enough of the heavy stuff I've been doing and on to the fun stuff. Hugs and kisses from the grand kiddos, fun on the lake, a little slot action (of course), and reconnecting with the people who mean the most in the world to me - what could be better than that?
Happy 4th to all my friends - stay safe.


Destiny said...

What a week you have had. Those are really tough things to do. Being sober is so worth it.

Communication is so important to any relationship. Sometimes I think it is one of the hardest parts too.

Tahoe sounds so fun. Getting the away with family in a beautiful location like Tahoe is good for the soul. I hope you have lots of fun. Give those grandbabies lots of hugs and kisses. We want lots of detail and maybe some pics when you get back.

HomeSlice said...

so glad things are going better for you linda. happy 4th - have fun in tahoe!

Christina said...

Wow, that sounds really hard Linda, I'm proud of you for getting through it. You've earned that week of fun at Tahoe. Sounds amazing, have a great time!

Alicia said...

Those steps sound excruciatingly hard. I don't know if I'd want to delve that deep into self examination. Yikes. Good for you. Sounds like it's really helped.

Your trip to Lake Tahoe sounds right up my alley. Have a great time. And happy 4th!

jae said...

"A little slot action?"

TMI, Linda...TMI. ;)

p/s hope you guys have lots of fun!

Sara said...

So glad you two are talking more and things sound like they are turning around for you. Hopefully a week in Tahoe will do you wonders.

cathy said...

Jae has a dirty mind. Not that slot ya weirdo.

I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you. Although the 'self examination' does not sound that fun I'm glad you're getting some benefit out of it. I'm so jealous of your Tahoe trip -- that is also one of my favorite places on Earth. I hope you guys have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Linda...I am SO glad to read this journal and hear that you are continuing on your fabulous journey of self-evaluation (no matter how difficult it is). You are an inspiration and I am so proud and happy for you!! As for SO deserve it girl! You go relax and enjoy everyone's company and just..well..RELAX! I miss you terribly! **muah!**