Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Memorable Vacation Moments

I'm a home grown Cali girl and haven't been out of Cali much so mine is definitely tame comparatively. Here goes - not in any particular order.

1. Floating ALL day in a two man raft on Pinecrest Lake knocking back brewski's with my first husband. No trudging to outhouses! That was 27 years ago and I still think back on it fondly.

2. Taking a convertible by myself around Maui and going on a snorkeling trip by myself.

3. Flying off to Vegas by myself for 4 days. I wanted to see Mama Mia and walked up to the box office to order a tix for the next day - turns out they had a seat available 2nd row middle. Yahoo - it was fun. Then at the end of my trip waiting for my shuttle I won $500. Niiiiiice.

4. Spending a couple of crazy ass days up in Susanville with my best friend, Terri. We had a pool to lounge around in, tons of alcohol and laughed our asses off.

5. Taking my first two kids to Lake Tahoe for the first time. I fell so deeply in love with it and had a fantastic time with my kids which set the stage for many more summer vacations in Tahoe.

6. Taking Christina on her first trip to Tahoe and watching her eat a vanilla ice cream cone sitting outside at 10 months old. And then sitting on the beach playing in the water half naked. She was soooo cute.

7. When Dave and I got married in Vegas. It was a whirlwind romance and we ran off and got married by ourselves. He planned a romantic helicopter ride over the strip at night, dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, rented a BMW Z4 and trip to Hoover Dam. We had to stand in line for a long time to get the license - it was Veterans Day and there was a parade downtown. By the time we got our license and realized that we couldn't drive to the chapel I was pooped and my feet were killing me. We walked a few more blocks (it was hot) and we walked in the chapel and I said 'do you have someone who can marry us right now'?! LOL - I have no idea what the woman thought but they accommodated us and we were married by Jean Claude (masculine). It was great. I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and get out of my hot clothes and high heels! During our romantic dinner poor Dave started feeling nauseous and ended up with a doozy of a flu!! So that's how we started out our marriage. That Sunday we went to the airport early and waiting for our plane with poor Dave so, so sick. Apparently we missed the announcement that our gate was changed and we ended up missing our flight home! What an adventure.

8. Last week in Tahoe playing a game with the grand kids and kids. We did what we always do - LAUGHED our asses off! The highlight was boating into Emerald Bay and hanging out there.

9. The last vacation that I spent with my grandmother. We were very, very close and we hit Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Busch Gardens. I have fond memories of that trip with my mother, father and grandparents. I was 16.

10. It's a toss up between another trip to Tahoe and/or Vegas. One year in Tahoe we went up to Squaw Valley with the kids and paid for an all day pass to spend up at the pools and ski lift. The pool was huge and heated and of course the view was to die for. We had a fab time.
And then there was last summer when Dave and I went to Vegas (alot) and we just had a great time going all over sight-seeing and getting room service, massages, and gambling.

Hmmmm, looks like my vacations have a theme - either booze or gambling is involved...Hee hee


Destiny said...

I see the theme of lots of laughter. Nothing better for a memorable vacation than lots of laughing and smiles. Those moments with family are precious. Vacations do not have to be far away places. They just just need to be fun.

Alicia said...

They all sound good, even the flu-ridden Vegas wedding. LOL. At least it was memorable.

Jess said...

Sounds like you have had some good vacations, except you know being sick during your wedding!

Anonymous said...

I never heard the whole wedding story...I love it!! These all sound like wonderful times with family and friends, L! Great list!

Christina said...

That wedding is one for the books, LOL. You've got some sweet memories there L!