Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Days and Weeks

So it's been awhile since I blogged. Not a whole heck of a lot going on. Last week my youngest daughter, Christina, was kind enough to drive her nephew (my grandson, Jared) from Escalon to San Jose and spend a few days with me. I was excited to have them here - but my excitement was soon tempered by my daughter's awful mood swings. OH MY GOD! I was tempted to send her home and keep Jared by him self. And then they bickered - ugh, why was I surprised? Why did I think that my now adult daughter would be so beyond bickering with a 10 yr old? In spite of her temperament we did manage to have some fun but it was way too much fun for me apparently because after spending all day at GREAT AMERICA with two teenage girls (my niece came also) and a 10 yr old boy in the very hot sun I was completely thrashed. Our plan was to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk the next day and I knew there was NO WAY I could do that. So after my very long Dr appointment we went to the movies. Luckily Christina was kind enough to take Jared down to the pool that evening to wear him out some more. I was ready to have them go home but after they left I missed them! Weird.

My kitties, Dash and Dani, have the strangest habit of finding things and then taking them. Things like shoes, dirty socks, clothes out of the hamper, stuff out of my purse and Dash has a real love affair with a Santa Hat he found in the spare room. I am not even sure how he got it - but he drags that sucker around the house. It is bigger than he is! I caught him with it in my bedroom one morning and then he jumped up on the bed with it -- mind you it is a lot bigger than he is and my bed is higher up than most beds. It took him a few tries only making it halfway before he half-fell half clawed his way down the bedding. Niiiiice. So I got a shot of his success! I simply must find a way of getting a shot and having it for Christmas cards this year.

The other pic is at Great America with the kiddos - starting from the back is Jared, then Christina and then my niece, Ashley.
I'm resting up this week because next week I'm getting Leah, my 4 yr old grand-daughter, and I can hardly wait. She's never spent the night with me alone before. I have some fun things planned for us. I'm glad it's only going to be her. I can concentrate all my energies into bonding and spoiling. YAY!


HomeSlice said...

hey there stranger! i totally get what you said about your experience. i'm sure my mom feels the same about me :-)

i sent you an invite to a new group i started. hope you got it!

Lisa said...

It's great that you're getting to spend some time with the kids, grandkids and other randomly related children. And it's also nice of you daughter to want to spend time with her nephew like that, even if they did drive you crazy with the bickering.
Kitties will pick up the weirdest things to be their 'babies'. I had one that was obsessed with a winnie the pooh ski cap. Dragged it everywhere. Of course, he was a giant cat and could have carried a small dog like a baby but it was still cute.
Have fun spoiling Leah!