Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another First for the Weeks

So, we've been visiting some of the Unitarian Churches in the area. It's summertime and nobody seems to be doing their normal gig but we've enjoyed going. My new sponsor, Vicky, turned me on to the Center For Spiritual Enlightenment. I was super excited about going because they focus a lot on the Eastern religions and philosophies. They teach Yoga, meditation, practicing mindfulness all the things that I'm really interested in. So I asked Dave if he would be willing to go check it out and he said 'sure'. Well, we both loved it. The grounds are beautiful and they have several buildings that are old and gorgeous. The have the sanctuary of course, Education center where they teach meditation and yoga, a bookstore, a labyrinth, and many other cool things. Here is the description off their website:

The ministry of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment is focused on the essential truth and harmony found in the world's religions, the necessity for a global ethical and spiritual awakening to bring about world peace, and the importance of individual participation toward this goal. Our vision is individual and planetary awakening to the One Truth known by many names.

The Center is an oasis of peace in the community, the world, and in the hearts of individuals. It is through that peace that one may live an awakened life. The awakened life is our opportunity to live authentically and in harmony with divine plan and purpose. Through awakening, we experience true fulfillment and the soul's natural joy.

You can experience the spiritual teachings of the Center through many different avenues. The Center offers worship services, adult education classes in spiritual philosophy and practice, healthy living, hatha yoga, retreats, leadership training, spiritual direction and counseling, children's education, and a thriving spiritual community.

At CSE you will find the Temple of the Eternal Way (our sanctuary of worship), meditation gardens, adult education classrooms, a children's spiritual education center, the CSE Interfaith Seminary, rooms for hatha yoga practice, a meditation chapel, the Tree of Life Bookshop, and our administrative offices.

I was enthralled with the service - we had a time for prayer and meditation which I just loved. And the message was about waiting on answers and how everything is empty until we decide what it means to us. I was doubly excited to find out the love of my life loved it too. We will definitely be going back there! Thanks Vicky!


Christina said...

Sounds like a great place and a perfect fit for you Linda! Glad you found it.

Anonymous said...

That place sounds amazing Linda and when you can find a place that you both enjoy...that is just short of a miracle (at least it was for D.Jones and I!) Sounds like you may have finally found your place!

Sara said...

I knew there was a reason I loved you. This sounds like my perfect place. Too bad we don't have one here. Hope both of you get enjoyment and fulfillment out of it.