Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go...

The last few months have been a range of the worst I've ever felt and a clarity of mind and spirit. I had a one week 'vacation' at our local behavioral health hospital for a little 'rest'. I was put on medications that I have never taken before and I was not able to leave said hospital until my Dr cleared it. Talk about scary! Luckily I knew it was an opportunity for me to focus just on getting better and dealing with my diseases. I am happy to report that the medications have worked very well for me - beyond my expectations. Who knew that a couple of medications would really help those desperate and anxiety rid moods?

The holidays were wonderful. I did things with a happy and joyous heart and never felt overwhelmed by the Season, only excitement. It has taken me much longer to take down all the decorations but that's OK, who cares?
During this last few months it became really clear (again) that I must find a something to keep me busy, fulfilled and out of my head so I decided to go back to the one job (besides wife and mommy) that fulfilled me and brought out the best in me. I am going to get my Real Estate License again and go back into the business. Some reactions have been negative saying things like 'in this market?, no one is getting financing' and most have been very supportive. I do know what the market has been like. I do know that it will take some time before I make some real $ in the business. I also know that just getting out and meeting people, helping people and just being involved will feel great. I am lucky to have the luxury of taking lots of time to build a business. We don't need any income from me so this is just going to be fun for me with the real possibility of making a nice income to boot.

First on the agenda is to satisfy the education that is required to obtain my license as well as studying to take the state test again. This is what I will be focusing my energy on for the next month - 6 weeks. It is nice to not have to worry about a deadline to do this but at the same time I have goals in place. Once I take and pass the state test and get my license then I will apply for positions with a few Real Estate Companies in the area. I have a few in mind now.

I am going on my first cruise with hubby at the beginning of February for a week in the Caribbean. I can hardly wait. This is a must for us as a couple - the last real vacation we took was in December of 2006 to Cancun and it rained the entire week. It sucked. So this time I am cautiously optimistic about this one. There are many things that need to be done this month and I welcome the distractions. First off I am back on my weight loss/getting fit journey. I lost 27 lbs last year and was very close to my ideal weight until the holidays. Eh, that's ok, life is to be lived and enjoyed. I have to say though it is much more fun to see the scale go down and the jeans in a smaller size look great on me than eating all the extra goodies. It's a lifestyle that I hope to stick to throughout the rest of my life and hopefully will extend my life and quality of life. Also on my list is a commitment to purchase, prepare and deliver a meal for 30 to our local women and children's shelter. These are families displaced by domestic violence. I am really looking forward to that. I am also learning how to get the most out of my new Macbook Pro. Since I have always been a PC girl it is an adjustment but it's all good.
I hope to be more consistent with blogging just for my benefit. It's fun and cathartic to blog. It also gets me to read my friend's blogs' for updates and enjoyment.

I can just feel that 2010 is going to be the best year so far for me! Happy New Year!


Alicia said...

Linda, that's wonderful about going back into real estate! I wish you the best of luck. I know you'll do wonderfully; after all, you are very much a people-person, and that's exactly the kind person who can get that job done despite the current economy.

And I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise! How nice.

I'm glad to see you around again. I missed you.

Kristin said...

You have always spoken fondly about your job as a real estate agent and I think it's a fantastic move for you!
I am totally jealous of your vacation and you 100% deserve it, Linda...I hope you get sunny, gorgeous weather for this one!