Monday, October 13, 2008

A little obsessed...maybe?

A typical weekday evening lately in the Weeks household goes something like this: Dave coming home from work, kisses wife, glances at the mail (damn, still no absentee ballot!), makes way to the couch, fires up his laptop (wife's is already fired up), then puts on news channel - this could be one of 4 or 5 channels but they are all news and specifically political. "Blue, blue, blue, oh look, another state just went to blue! Between following every poll known to the internet and watching all the news channels just to make sure we see the latest McCain or Palin-ism and of course to hear our view validated followed by some sprinkling of what Fox news has to say and then proclaiming Bill O to be one of the biggest idiots on TV. Oh, and let's not forget Jon Stewart's show so we can laugh our asses off, then before I know it, it is bedtime. The cycle begins again the following day at 5:30 pm until the weekend when it is sporadically done throughout the day.
We eat, sleep and breathe the election. I have had two dreams of Obama in recent days -one where I was running against him and then dropped out because I wanted him to win and ecstatic when he chose me to be his running mate! Dave also has had a dream or two about the election.

I think it's fantastic that so many people are so involved in the election but it does bother me that there are many people voting for one candidate based on fear. Fear should not have a place in determining how we shall live our lives - yes, to the extent of common sense such as not crossing a crowded freeway but not of irrational fear such as the fear instilled in us when we went into Iraq. That situation was portrayed to us as a defensive action - that we were going there to get Al Qaeda and stop the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam supposedly harbored and planned to use on the U.S. Now fears are raised because of the rhetoric that Obama is some kind of terrorist and 'not one of us'. For crap's sake people - use your brain!
Honestly I believe everyone has the right to vote for who they believe in but vote for the candidate that most closely follows your personal values and priorities please, not out of fear.
I am voting for Obama because I want less $ put into wars and intruding where we are not welcome and scattering our political agendas; I want health care so that everyone can afford to get the necessary health care for their families; I want alternative energy so that it is more efficient, cleaner and a commodity that we as a nation can export; I want affordable housing, top notch education, and a cleaner environment. If we took the money that is poured into Iraq and instead invest it in fuel alternatives, a new healthcare system it would keep the money here and create jobs and finally enough already of giving the rich tax breaks. The middle class needs an effing break already. 5% percent of the people control 95% of the wealth in this country. You tell me - does that seem fair?

So as you can see we are obsessed with this election. I joke with Dave that I'm not sure what we're going to talk about once the election is over. Hopefully Beauty and The Geek will be back on TV. Don't forget to VOTE!


HomeSlice said...

here here sister!

Alicia said...

We're all over this election, too. It's pretty much all we've been talking about. Just a few more weeks.

Sara said...

Political discussions are not had in our household, but it's on the forefront of my mind too. I cannot wait to vote, in a way I do not ever remember feeling before.