Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy weekend = tired Linda

I was up and running at 6:30 yesterday morning to go to my women's meeting and following that I went out to breakfast with a group of gals from AA. It was 'take your sponsor to brunch' day. Funny thing is, my sponsor paid for my breakfast! Hey, I like that. So I finally got home a little after 12:30 and had a massage appt at 1:45. Unfortunately I have been suffering quite a bit from my Rheumatoid arthritis - lots more involvement of my joints all over. It is very painful and has limited me from doing certain things without pain. I am seeing my Dr first thing in the morning but in the meantime Dave and I joined up over at the Easter Seals pool so that we could both use the indoor 92 degree pool plus they have therapeutic massages for only $36 per 1/2 hour or $56 per hour! The massage was nice. Then we went up to Redwood City and looked around the neighborhoods for homes. There are some really cute areas.

Soon after I applied for a job at Alameda County the job was pulled off the website. I am guessing it has something to do with California's new budget that was finally passed. There were some cuts to Public Services of course. So I was super surprised and happy when I opened my email on Friday morning and there was another job posting for San Mateo County for a Court clerk. It's a great job and I have enough background to do it so I'm going to go for it - even though my hands are killing me. There is an informational meeting for it tomorrow evening in Redwood City so today we went back up there so that I could see exactly where I am going tomorrow at 6pm (think traffic). It's pretty cool how the County buildings are set up and we saw the infamous courthouse where Scott Petersen was tried and convicted. Then we scooted back here to go shop for our kitties - $185 later we were happily heading to the movie theater to see Bill Maher's 'Religulous'. We've been looking forward to seeing it. It was good. Very informative and funny of course. Finally got home late this afternoon - set up the toys for the kitties and made dinner. I'm ready to go to bed! I must be getting old, huh?

We bought a kitty tower and scratcher for the 'kids' so that they don't continue scratching and climbing on other things as above picture illustrates. They also got a cool new kitty drinking fountain - which they already love. Eeegads - I've turned into 'one of those people.'


HomeSlice said...

i'm so sorry your arthritis is flaring up. keep up with the awesome massages!!!

Anonymous said...

I am dying to see Religulous! Would you recommend it? And a kitty drinking fountain!? DO post a picture! I've never seen this!

I'm sorry about the pain of the rhueumatoid arthritis, L...I have heard that is just excrutiating! I hope your doc can recommend something that will ease your pain...perhaps a DAILY massage!? :)

Alicia said...

LOL-Don't be a krazy kat person! No seriously, the kitties need scratching posts. I had cats that used my sofas:(

I totally didn't even realize that was a cat in the picture. For some reason, I thought it was your grandson jumping on the sofa! I think I need to get my eyes checked.